One Williams Center Tulsa, OK

Restoration and Rejuvination

These pictures were taken before, during, and after our terrazzo restoration transformation of Tulsa’s One Williams Center.

First, the floor was flatened and all of the tile lippage was removed. Next, the floor was smoothed and polished by progressive grits of diamond abrasives. The floor was powder polished to achieve a highly reflective glossy surface. Finally, the floor was crystallized for protection against future wear.

Dillard’s Gretna, LA

Hurrican Aftermath Reconstruction

These pictures were taken before and after our marble restoration / replacement transformation of Dillard’s in Gretna, Louisianna following the devastating flooding of hurricane Katrina.

MAR-TEK Industries’ trained professionals were able to locate replacement marble to match the pre-existing marble found in many Dillard’s stores throughout the nation. After MAR-TEK Industries left the jobsite, any evidence of flooding was impossible to find.