Stone Restoration Services



Properly cleaning tiles such as slate, ceramic and porceline can bring back the original look of the floor after years of wear. Mar-Tek uses chemicals designed specifically for each type of stone.



Grinding is a process where diamond abrasives are used with a floor machine and water to remove material from the surface of the stone. It is generally done when scratches or etching have degraded a stone’s shine to the point where the only way to achieve a glass-like finish is to resurface the stone. Grinding is also done to remove “lippage” or uneven tiles. Grinding is very labor intensive and requires many steps or “grits” of diamond abrasives to complete the look. It also produces a slurry which is vaccumed up. The professionals at Mar-Tek are trained to protect all adjacent areas including walls, baseboards, and carpet.



This process is done to achieve a shine on the stone after grinding or on a floor without excessive scratches. Polishing is done using a powder that, when worked into the marble with a natural hair pad and water, produces a slurry that chemically reacts with the calcium carbonate in the stone to produce a highly reflective surface. All of Mar-Tek’s professionals are proficient in this method.



Recrystallization is very important to the floor’s ability to keep a shine after it is exposed to wear. This process is the finishing touch to a proper restoration or done to maintain a restored floor that sees heavy foot traffic. A special chemical is used along with a steel wool pad to recrystallize the surface, perfecting the shine.



Sealing is particularly effective at protecting against stains on tiles and grout. Mar-Tek professionals use industry leading sealers to protect your investment in your stone.



Mar-Tek Professionals are trained and prepared to tear down and remove fire, flood, and mildew damaged stone. Our professionals will take the time and care to ensure no additional damage is incurred at the home of place of business.


» Installation

Sometimes the damage or wear is so severe that the most efficient means of restoration is reinstallation. Mar-Tek has 25 years of relationships with leading stone suppliers, ensuring the ready availability of matching replacement material. Our install technicians are top-notch and mastered in stone reinstallation techniques.